Salvador Dali // The Great Masturbator // Surrealism

DaliGreatMasturbatorIt’s amazing to me how Salvador Dali could fit such profound personality and symbolism onto a single canvas.  This work, boldly titled “The Great Masturbator”, was inspired part by nature, part by libido, and part by fear. The largest element is the “head” (the yellow part in the center). From left to right, its elongated nose grazes the ground, then goes up to long yet thin eyelashes, put together with a rose-y red cheek. Right below the head is a locust attached at the mouth. The bottom portion of the locust is covered in ants, which without looking at detail look like pubic hair, implying fellatio. In many of Dali’s works, ants symbolize sexual anxiety. On an opposite note, the top right portion of this painting features a beautiful woman, and a man’s genitals “flowing” out of the yellow head, there is even a beautiful white flower. The woman and the man represent the ideal sexual relationship, a relationship that Dali could not have due to a trauma from his childhood, which resulted in him always associating sex with decay (as represented by the locust). Right below the locust are two figures entangled in desire,yet they only cast one shadow. This could be where the name “The Great Masturbator” comes from, as everything else on the canvas, is only a figment of his imagination.


Claude Monet // A Bridge Over A Pond of Water Lilies // Impressionism

Cloude Monet bridge over a pond with water liliesThis is a pretty “straight forward” painting, it’s title is even “A Bridge Over A Pond of Water Lilies”! The painting it self is not ‘impressive’, the style and technique that coat the canvas are. The painting style was actually named after one of Monet’s paintings. The main characteristic of impressionism is the thin, yet visible brush stoke, which could represent the passage of time, in this painting to the left it give a very relaxed, slowed down feel.

William Kentridge // Universal Archive (Twelve Coffee Pots) // Linocut Print


William Kentridge is a South African artist, recommenced to me by Batya, a friend of mine currently studying in Swaziland. I choose this set of paintings because it reminded me of home. Both my parents are Cuban and have an addiction to their country’s strong, bitter coffee, and every morning without a doubt the cafetera is on the stove top filling the house with its powerful aroma. Kentridge’s “Universal Archive” is a series of linocut prints on an nontraditional medium- dictionary pages. For the coffee pots, he used pages from the Shorter English Oxford Dictionary, but has been known to use pages of the Britannica Encyclopedia as well. Linocut is a type of printing technique  in which a design is carved into a piece of wood, then the entire surface is covered in ink, and a paper is pressed onto it. I find it very hard to believe that was how these painting were made, since I could have sworn they looked like dry brushing.

Girlie Show // Edward Hopper // Realism

Girlie show edward hopperSince yesterday I analysed surrealism, it seemed only fit that today I do the opposite- realism. This is Edward Hopper’s “Girie Show”, an oil painting. Edward Hopper created this painting in 1941, a time where women only had right to be connected to their sexuality if it was for their husbands and anything but would be considered dirty and wrong. The woman shown here is not only accepting her sexuality but embracing it, flaunting it with pride and confidence.  She is also not looking directly at anyone, convincing me that she is doing this for herself, and not for a man.

Golconda // Rene Magritte // Surrealism 

golconda rene magritteLet me start off by saying surrealism is my favourite kind of art, its goal was to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality.” Not going to lie, every time I see Golconda the first thing that comes to mind is “It’s raining men! Hallelujah, it’s raining men!”, but here’s my real analysis of the painting. Every man is dressed the same, in a boring hat, a boring coat, they even have the same boring expression. The men could be either rising or falling, to me it seems as though they are falling, and makes me think that it represents children going into adulthood, and losing all the magic and fun. They’ve all molding into the same boring, ordinary man.


What a beautiful, amazing, last game! It was worth it to get up at 5 AM every week, and train those seemingly endless hours in the blazing afternoon sun. Thank you to everyone who made my last soccer season a successful, fun, and just over all amazing and beautiful memory.

Our school was able to get a bus that sat 50 people to go to watch the game which took place at the Country Day School. I didn’t get to play the whole game, in fact I only played for about 4 minutes, but all the time that I spend waiting on the sidelines disappeared when the referee blew his whistle, and what seemed like the entirety of my high school came running from the bleachers, and we ran to them, and we hugged and screamed and jumped and screamed some more. Then we all go into a circle, and I held Ioav’s hand, we prayed, and for one last glorious time, Ariana chanted “1, 2, 3..” and everyone rang in “FALCONS!” It was the most perfect moment, and one I’ll never forget.

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(Neither of the pictures above are mine) 

11040268_415826681909863_1197241653_n Pre-game. Me with the falcon mascot, photo by my mom.

1600149_415826658576532_749662002_n    Ioav sleeping on the bus to avoid getting car sick.
11042241_415826661909865_413466318_n    Before getting on the bus. (from left to right) Courteney, Bella, Me, and Taylor. Ioav took this picture.