What a beautiful, amazing, last game! It was worth it to get up at 5 AM every week, and train those seemingly endless hours in the blazing afternoon sun. Thank you to everyone who made my last soccer season a successful, fun, and just over all amazing and beautiful memory.

Our school was able to get a bus that sat 50 people to go to watch the game which took place at the Country Day School. I didn’t get to play the whole game, in fact I only played for about 4 minutes, but all the time that I spend waiting on the sidelines disappeared when the referee blew his whistle, and what seemed like the entirety of my high school came running from the bleachers, and we ran to them, and we hugged and screamed and jumped and screamed some more. Then we all go into a circle, and I held Ioav’s hand, we prayed, and for one last glorious time, Ariana chanted “1, 2, 3..” and everyone rang in “FALCONS!” It was the most perfect moment, and one I’ll never forget.

at  at2

(Neither of the pictures above are mine) 

11040268_415826681909863_1197241653_n Pre-game. Me with the falcon mascot, photo by my mom.

1600149_415826658576532_749662002_n    Ioav sleeping on the bus to avoid getting car sick.
11042241_415826661909865_413466318_n    Before getting on the bus. (from left to right) Courteney, Bella, Me, and Taylor. Ioav took this picture.


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